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As a Bible College we are able to issue Honorary Degree Titles of a Religious nature. We are currently developing our academic degree programs for both college level certificates and degrees. As a Religious School all titles are honorary, yet carry the same rights as an academic title in the usage of honorifics.

Currently our Bible College issues both degrees for lifeís experiences and study courses.

Whether you are an ordained minister through the Church of Faith or laity, you may at this time receive the degrees befitting your talents, or abilities in the fields of your choosing.

The purpose of the Church of Faith Bible College is to help develop the skills needed by members of the clergy in sharing their faith in a concise manner. But, these same courses will help the laity in coming closer to advancement within their faith also.

No School or University that offers courses and studies of religious philosophy can really claim to be more correct than any other School of religion since they are established by man, and not by God.

What does this mean to you? A Doctorate Degree bestowed by Harvard University to a person within a specific field allows that person to be addressed as Doctor. A Doctorate Degree issued by Church of Faith Bible College also allows its recipient to be addressed as Doctor. They hold the same rights of acknowledgment.

The difference between an earned degree, and an honorary degree is fairly clear. In order to receive an earned degree a person has entered into a degree program and a course of study. On the other hand an honorary degree is granted for lifeís experience within a specific field. It is our belief that just because a person has not learned to mime a professorís teachings does not mean that someone may not receive recognition for their life abilities. The Doctorate degree after all was a title of the church long before the academic world chose to claim it as the pinnacle of learning.

Understanding that an earned degree does in many instances help the student achieve a better understanding within their field of study. But, an honorary degree simply accepts that through lifeís experiences this student of life is deserving of the same acknowledgment.

Our Programs are designed for those seeking professional recognition, certification and licensing as ministerial practitioners and teachers. The purpose of the school is to help its students unlock their minds, to find the keys to success through the teaching of metaphysics and to recognize the value of the human experience. 


Accreditation of any college, school or university is strictly voluntary. At Church of Faith Bible College we choose not to be accredited. Bible Study, and Theology, like religion, is recognized and protected under the first amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees any citizen the right to practice and to teach it to others. This is the essence of our type of degree. Thus accreditation is of minor importance.


Graduation Requirements

We  offer a degrees for a combination of course work and credit for prior learning.

Mature adults, through life experiences and informal study, have often accumulated a great deal of knowledge. Unfortunately this type of learning is not always recognized because it is not obtained in a formal classroom setting.

Examples of life experiences which we accept as legitimate learning activities are on-the-job learning, non-credit post secondary programs, significant volunteerism in social work, executive leadership, and other experiences that may equate to academic study programs, as well as general knowledge gained through life experiences.

We request that all of our Doctoral candidates send along a brief one page resume along with their application so that we can review their past accomplishments.

We also require that all students complete a short course of study relative to some of the degrees for which they are applying.

Most of our students are able to complete all studies within sixty days, although they are allowed up to one year to finish any course work.


Degree Programs Offered


$34.95 Min. Offering for Church of Faith Ordained Ministers
$59.95 Min. Offering for Others

This Certificate Program gives the newly ordained minister, newly appointed Pastor, or just someone trying to refresh on the biblical teachings of helping those in need.

Generally the Pastoral Counselor takes a person to the Bible to allow the Bible to answer questions about problems they may be having.  Therefore, the Pastoral Counselor is not considered a professional counselor.  A professional counselor would have received their professional counseling degree in an academic institution that the state recognizes.  Even though Pastoral Counseling is part of many churches and ministries you need to understand that you should not accept an offering for that part of your work.  Accepting an offering for this service would make it appear that you are trying to be a professional counselor and this may end you up in a whole heap of trouble with the authorities. This program does not teach you to dispense advice but teaches you areas where the Bible shows people how to deal with their problems and it is not to be confused with Psychology or Psychiatry. We can not emphasize enough that you should not tell a person what to do about their problems but rather lead them to the Bible and show them where the Bible addresses their issues. The Pastoral counselor certificate is meant to keep you within the religious confines of this responsibility.

$15.00 Minimum Offering

The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree is as valid and valuable as any doctorate degree issued by any religious organization. The course study booklet provides a basic overview of the traditional functions of the church.

Included in the study booklet are instruction on weddings, baptisms, communions, funerals and even a few hints on ways to help you finance your new ministry. An ordained minister in the Church of Faith is eligible to get this honorary degree for a minimum offering of $15.00 which entitles them to a E-Mailed .pdf copy of their honorary Degree an offering of $29.95 will get a Honorary Degree with original signature of Church Official with a raised gold seal, this price includes shipping and handling.

Other Programs Coming Soon To Include

Bachelor of Religious Science (BRS)
Master of Religious Science (MRS)
Doctor of Religious Science (DRS)
Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)
Masters Degree Biblical Studies (MBS)
Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS)
Bachelor of Religious Humanities (BRH)
Master of Religious Humanities (MRH)
Doctor of Religious Humanities (DRH)
Doctor of Philosophy in Religion (PhD)
Doctor of Motivation (DM)




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